Discover the True Magic of Propane

If you didn't grow up in the Midwest, the idea of using propane as a fuel may be confusing, but those who understand the true magic of propane are more befuddled by people who don't take advantage of its benefits. While only 10% of Americans use propane as a fuel source, millions worldwide take advantage of its versatility and its reliable power.

The 1990 Clean Air Act named propane as a clean fuel, and its status has not changed. Propane burns the cleanest out of any fossil fuel and because it requires smaller quantities for similar output, it leaves behind a very small carbon footprint.

Additionally, propane has very low carbon content when compared to other fuel sources which allows it to produce very minimal emissions. When propane is used by a home or business, their reliance on petroleum is reduced by 98% on average. If you want to help protect the rolling prairie lands of central Missouri, consider propane.

Compared to traditional fuels, propane is high-energy. This means that it is extremely powerful offering you much more power from the same amount of alternative fuel. Need a real-life example to help you dissect that statement?

It takes electricity about an hour to reheat the water in your hot water tank, but propane fuel can do the same job in about 20 minutes. This means less energy is consumed, less fuel is consumed, and less money is spent when propane is chosen over traditional fuels.

Compared to other fuel sources, propane is extremely affordable. It is estimated that heating your water with propane will save you as much as 30% a year. Running a propane clothes dryer will save you about 50% every year and a tankless propane water heater is 94% efficient. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Propane is the most budget friendly heating source in central Missouri by a landslide, so take advantage of its availability.

Some people worry about propane explosions, but typically propane tanks are almost 20 times more puncture resistant than any tank used for alternative fuel sources such as ethanol or gasoline. Most home and business propane tanks are buried well under the gas main and can last for decades.

The only time propane tanks are worrisome is if they are not properly maintained. If you choose to lease a propane tank through Capital Energy Co., we take care of all maintenance tasks. We check your propane tank every visit and will take care of any necessary repairs, so you never have a reason to fear. Even if you own your propane tank, Capital Energy Co. of central Missouri will still check it over while refueling and let you know if we see anything concerning.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, over 90% of propane fuel users in the USA live in rural America. This is not surprising, since propane is extremely versatile and does not rely on a grid in order to be utilized. Natural gas and electricity need to connect to a grid, but propane simply requires a tank on your property to heat your home. Rural communities in central Missouri have discovered the freedom of propane heating, and they are not turning back.

When you choose propane as your heating source, you can live anywhere you want. This idea appeals to a lot of people and is extremely practical for farmers and ranchers who may have variable heating needs based on crops and herds.