Residential & Commercial Propane Services

Capital Energy Co. offers a wide array of services to both our home and business propane clients. Home propane clients require different support than business propane clients, which is why we are happy to offer flexible payment and service plans.

We have home propane clients spread out across our service area. Some who live close to Jefferson City and some who live out in the prairie lands. We also have a wide variety of business clients that include a large spectrum of industries from agriculture and construction to landscaping and factories.

Home Propane

Lower your energy bills by using propane in your home. Heat your home and water, fire up your fireplace, power your home outdoors or power the appliances in your kitchen or laundry room with propane from Capital Energy Co.

Business Propane

Propane powers more than you think for local businesses. Power your fleet or mowers, provide energy to your factory or heat your business with propane from Capital Energy Co. to lower your overall costs and energy emissions.

Ag Solutions

Missouri farmers using propane from Capital Energy Co. don't have to worry about running out of fuel or staying on the grid. Enjoy lower energy costs with propane solutions that help power heavy machines, mowers, irrigation engines, generators and more.

Propane Refills

For propane tank refills in Jefferson City, MO or the surrounding area, contact Capital Energy Co. We are happy to service businesses and residential customers with all your propane refill needs.

At Capital Energy Co., we provide the same guarantees to all of our clients regardless of their service needs. As part of our service pledge, we guarantee all clients the right to:

Consistent Propane Access

Whether you choose a pre-buy plan or a monthly budget plan, we will deliver your propane as you need it in a timely and efficient manner. If you choose Capital Energy Co. as your energy supplier, we will return the favor by ensuring you never run out of fuel.

Protection from Volatile Prices

We don't like to surprise our customers, so we don't. We offer protection from volatile prices through an array of financial options and plans. You never have to worry about sudden price hikes when you contract with us for your home or bulk business propane needs.

Respect for Your Property

We understand that we are guests on your property, therefore we will always leave your property as neat and clean as we found it.

Proper Tank Maintenance

We make a promise to meet your propane needs for the length of your contract, part of that is proper tank maintenance. The propane tank you lease from us will not only be well maintained and fully functional at all times, it will also not be an eyesore.

Service & Payment Options

Capital Energy Co. offers additional services in Jefferson City, MO and the surrounding area for your home or business. We also offer flexible payment options to meet your needs.