Multiple Flexible Payment Options

Most of our customers choose either our pre-buy propane or budget billing payment options. With budget billing, you pay a set rate every month for your propane so that you never get hit with an unexpectedly high bill during the winter season or if propane prices spike. Others feel more comfortable pre-buying their propane, so they always know exactly how much they have purchased and can skip a few billing periods.

If neither of these options sound great, give Capital Energy Co. a call and let us see what we can do for you. We are not a huge conglomerate with rules and regulations. We are happy to sit down with any of our propane delivery customers and discuss a customized plan.

Dependable & Flexible Propane Services

At Capital Energy Co., we also offer flexible propane delivery services.

Keep Full

With our "Keep Full" delivery option, you never have to worry about running out of propane. We will routinely monitor your propane tank and top them off to keep your tank full.

Will Call

As part of our "Will Call" propane delivery, our customers can call us when you are ready for your propane tank to be filled. We are happy to refill your tank shortly after your call.

Schedule Delivery

Contact Capital Energy Co. today to schedule a delivery plan or work with us for a flexible payment method. We are happy to create a propane services plan that works for you.