Commercial Propane Services

Businesses like to make money, so it's no surprise that they are large proponents of propane as a clean energy source. Propane allows businesses to efficiently fuel their machines while reducing overall costs and energy emissions.

Plus, propane is made in America. Capital Energy Co. is proud to deliver American made fuel to our American businessmen and women. Whether you are working the Missouri farmlands, own a small-town business, need to power your fleet, provide energy to your factory, or simply power your mowers, propane is the right business fuel source.


For more than a century propane has been powering Missouri's farmers helping them to feed millions of people across the US. We are happy to include many agricultural customers in our client database. Capital Energy Co. offers our industrial client’s budget friendly custom propane solutions that help power their heavy machines, generators, storage centers, commercial mowers, irrigation engines, and more.

Farmers today have to worry about meeting strict emission goals, and propane helps them do so while lowering energy costs. Plus, Capital Energy Co. takes responsibility of your refueling needs, so you never have to worry about your fuel source running out or staying on the grid.

Commercial Buildings/Construction

Closer to Jefferson City there are many building contractors, developers, and construction companies, and we are proud to call some of them our clients. Propane allows our nation's builders to reduce the energy needs of their products without sacrificing performance.

Propane is also freeing, because construction companies and developers can build anywhere. No longer do you have to worry about hiring a company to connect your worksite to the grid, because once Capital Energy Co. delivers your propane tank you are ready to go. We deliver anywhere within a 75 plus-mile radius of Jefferson City, Mo, and we do mean anywhere. Even if you build a secluded log cabin deep in the forest, we will be there.


While it is hard to imagine that anyone would need to landscape the scenic prairie lands of Missouri, landscapers are still in high demand across central Missouri. Smart landscapers know that propane is the best way to lower their bottom-line and preserve the environment they are cultivating.

Propane helps landscapers reduce fuel costs so they can offer more competitive bids to clients. It also helps lower overall labor expenses because employees don't need to travel to refuel mowers and other machines. Instead they can refuel on the spot in five minutes instead of an hour. Add in lowered greenhouse emissions and it is easy to see why environmentally savvy landscapers choose propane as their fuel source.

Material Handling/Factory Industry

Outside of simply powering and heating factories, propane is known as a leader in the material handling market because it offers sharp business executives a variety of advantages. These days being green is as much about company image as it is saving the environment, and propane allows material handlers to do both.

Choosing propane as an energy source allows machines like forklifts to operate efficiently while reducing their emissions. Propane also helps increase productivity among material handlers because unlike electric models that take hours to recharge, propane fueled forklifts are ready for use again after a quick and simple cylinder change.

And More...

These are just a few of the many industries served by the propane industry. Capital Energy Co. works with a wide variety of business clients to help fuel their company's needs. Over 70% of propane in the US is derived from domestic natural gas, therefore, propane is available in abundance in America and far exceeds demand. As a bonus, this means consumers can enjoy lower propane rates.