Residential Propane Services

Instead of asking the question "What can propane do for my home?" you should ask the question "What CAN'T propane do for my home?" From powering appliances to heating your water to heating your home to reducing your home energy bills, propane is a magical alternative fuel.

Our team at Capital Energy Co. already knows that, but we want to make the magic more apparent to you. There is a reason why propane was named a clean fuel and a sustainable fuel source for the future. It is able to provide the same reliable comfort as any other fuel source, but for less. If you like saving money and helping the environment, there really is no reason to look into any other source of fuel.

Home Heating

Over 12.6 million U.S. households use propane for space heating, and for good reason. Propane is high-energy and is able to quickly heat your home compared to any other fuel source. This makes it an incredibly efficient heating source that you can rely on to heat your home without breaking your budget. Even the cold winter winds of Missouri are no match for propane.

Water Heating

Propane is a very popular choice for powering water heaters. Unlike gas or electric water heaters, propane water heaters consume less energy, are not costly to operate, and have very low emissions. Propane is simply the smarter choice for heating water in your home, and Capital Energy Co. is ready to help you learn how. We use propane to heat our homes and water too, because we believe in its value.


Many of the appliances in your kitchen can be propane powered, allowing you to continue to cook even when inclement Missouri weather knocks out the electric. You can find many high-end propane stoves, ovens, and even dishwashers. Propane appliances offer stronger performance and better energy efficiency, so if you need to replace an appliance in your kitchen always choose propane.

Clothes Drying

Propane powered dryers are able to delivery crisp and clean clothes without consuming as much energy as their gas and electric counterparts. Propane powered dryers can be easily purchased and installed in any central Missouri home. If you already have a propane tank on your property, installing a line to your clothes dryer should be simple. Ask the professional team at Capital Energy Co. for pointers if you are considering an upgrade.


Fireplaces in your home can also be powered by propane allowing you to enjoy the cozy warmth of the fireplace anytime you like. Feel free to ask Capital Energy Co. if you have any questions about the implications of installing propane powered cooking appliances or fireplaces in your home.

Outdoor Uses of Home Propane

Propane can do more than just power your home indoors, it can also act as a clean outside energy source as well. Many people use propane to power their outdoor grills, outdoor lighting displays, and to heat spas or outdoor pools.

Emergency Energy Supplier

Some homes rely on both electric and propane power, but if there is harsh weather only one can continue to supply energy to your home: propane. Due to the fact that propane does not need connected to a grid, it can supply power to your home in the midst of any natural disaster.

As long as your tank is hooked to your home you will have power, and Capital Energy Co. checks your tank regularly to ensure your service is never disrupted. Standby generators are often powered by propane because people realize just how reliable propane is as a fuel source.