Agricultural Propane Services

Feeding the world is a big job but with propane to fuel your farm, you have less to worry about to get the job done. Propane is shaping the future of agriculture, by powering clean, innovative equipment to help you efficiently feed America. Discover the cost savings of propane to power your day-to-day farm operations, crop production and post harvest processing.

Capital Energy Co. can answer any questions you may have about propane services. We offer budget friendly custom propane solutions that help power heavy machines, generators, storage centers, commercial mowers, irrigation engines, and more.

Grain Drying

When it comes to drying grain, propane just makes sense. Propane is portable and is ready to work whenever and wherever you are without the high cost of connecting to a supply line. There's no need to drain tanks of stabilize fuel as propane stores exceptionally well. We can work out a delivery schedule that ensures your tank is always full.


Propane irrigation engines help farms operate more cleanly, safely and profitably. New propane powered engines typically cost 20-40% less than new diesel engines, decrease your fuel costs and provide reliability with no grid-related power interruptions.


Propane-powered generators can supply power separate from the grid. A consistent supply of power can be critical to your farm operation. Propane generators are an ideal option for farmers to reduce electrical and heating expenses. Overall propane generators provide higher efficiency, low maintenance and are quiet to operate.

Heating Facilities

From greenhouses and storage silos to barns and sheds, farmers can choose between above or below propane ground tank installation. These propane heating facilities give you independence off the grid because it's stored on your farm.

Heavy Duty Machines

Propane is the leading fuel for heavy duty farm equipment. From propane-powered forklifts, trucks and tractors, farmers experience nearly 50% lower fuel costs compared to diesel and gasoline powered equipment. 

Commercial Mowers

Compared to gasoline mowers, propane mowers cost about 30% less per hour to operate and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 15%. You can cut costs, emissions and grass with a commercial propane mower.

And More...

Propane powers Missouri's farmers to help feed millions of people across the US. These agricultural propane services from Capital Energy Co. are just a few of the many services we offer to local farmers. 

Farmers in the Jefferson City region can enjoy lower energy costs using propane over gasoline or diesel. By using propane from Capital Energy Co., you never have to worry about your fuel source running out or staying on the grid.